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Handheld Oscilloscopes for Industrial Applications

The 100-MHz U1610A and 200-MHz U1620A Oscillo- scopes offer up to three viewing modes (indoor, outdoor, and night vision) for viewing signal waveforms by zooming in to capture glitches under all lighting conditions. The outdoor viewing mode, coupled with the 5.7” transfl ec- tive display on these handheld scopes, makes it possible to read waveforms even in bright sunlight. Key measurement capabilities include a sampling rate of 1 or 2 GS/s and two safety-isolated input chan- nels. Analysis capabilities incorporate deep memory, 1,000-times zooming, and dual-zoom windows for overview and detailed displays. Agilent Technologies,

Magnetic Rotary Sensors

The R-Series Magnetic Rotary Angle Sensors use the orientation of a magnetic pickup to determine angle and eliminate mechanical wear. An embedded microproces- sor contained within the sensors converts the magnetic ori- entation to an analog output repeatable to within 0.03% or 0.1 degree of measurement range depending on model. The rotary position sensors can be programmed and repro- grammed for application angle and CW/CCW direction; single or redundant outputs can be selected. The R-Series has a measure- ment range up to 360 degrees and 12- or 14-bit resolution depending on model and includes RSC28, RSC48, RSC66, and RFA4000 sen- sor models. Novotechnik U.S.,

Test and Measurement

Cables Targeting companies including equipment rental fi rms, rack-and- stack integrators, distributors, and brand-conscious manufacturers, a line of private-labeled test and mea- surement cables offers guaranteed pricing and delivery times with no minimum quantities. The lineup fea- tures vertically targeted test cables through 70 GHz for telecom, semi- conductor, spacecraft, and C4ISR test sets; vector network analyzers; spectrum analyzers; probe stations; EMC test systems; and environmental test chambers.

The cables can be shipped with custom jacket color (including spe- cifi c Pantone matches) and logos and labeling and customer-supplied serial numbering and part number- ing. Test data on customer letter- head and custom packaging and shipping labels for drop-shipment to customers are available. Mega- Phase,

More Performance... Aries ultra high frequency sockets have a mere 1 dB signal loss at up to 40 GHz!!! Center probe and Microstrip sockets deliver more than a half million insertions with no loss of electrical performance.

More Choices... Aries offers a full range of sockets for handler-use, manual test and burn-in...for virtually every device type, including the highest density BGA and CSP packages. Choice of molded or machined sockets for center probe and Kapton interposer models, too!

Less Cost... in addition to extremely competitive initial cost, Aries replacement parts and repair costs beat the competition, assuring you of lowest total cost of ownership.

Less Wait... Aries can deliver the exact sockets you need in four weeks or less!

So why settle? Aries makes it easy to get the world's best test sockets. Call or visit our web site to find out how!

MEMS Test and Calibration

Equipment New MEMS test- handling equipment combines the MT9510 Pick-and-Place Test Handler with the company’s MT MEMS Platform to accom-

modate applications such as MEMS gyroscope test. The MT MEMS Platform supports easy docking and undocking of the MEMS modules to the standard test handler and provides for test in ambient, hot, and cold environments. The platform easily converts to various package styles. MT MEMS modules are available for a variety of sensor test ap- plications: singulated devices, strip test, and test in carri- ers. A down-scaled engineering setup is available. The MT9510 XP offers up to eight contact sites and tri-temp performance from -55°C to 175°C. Kits support QFP, BGA, PGA, QFN, and other packages. Index time is 0.38 s; throughput can reach up to 5,300 uph. The sys- tem accommodates standard, high frequency, and Kel- vin contacting. Multitest,

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ISO 9001 Certified

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NOW AVAILABLE for ICs Down to 0.3mm Pitch!

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