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New BlackBerry to offer 4.5" screen, physical keyboard

 By Rick Nelson on September 22, 2014

BlackBerry is looking to regain lost ground in the global market with the launch of its new Passport smartphone, which will have a 4.5-inch square screen. Company chief executive John Chen told the Wall Street Journal that the new phone, which will go on sale on Wednesday in the United States, will cost $599 without subsidies, vs. $649...


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September Special Reports

September Special Report

bullet By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor

Finding the happy oscilloscope medium

Midrange scopes provide nearly identical basic capabilities, but, it’s the unique features each manufacturer includes that may provide the most value.



September Special Report

bullet By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor

AUTOTEST spans legacy replacement to new systems.

Building and maintaining MIL/Aero electronic components, subsystems, and systems require an array of sophisticated bench and modular test equipment.



Web Exclusives:

Board test in a repair depot: bridging past and future

 By Luca Corli, Worldwide Sales Manager, Seica SpA on August 27, 2014

If you're used to a manufacturing environment, board test in a repair depot will look very different....

Creating a wireless test platform for industrial and academic research

 By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Technologies Inc.* on September 10, 2014

Today, there are millions of transistors inside our pocket-sized smartphones. Their complement of radios covers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and multiple cellular standards. World travelers can connect, communicate, and rock out-anytime and anywhere....



2014 EE Salary Survey



Industry Update

World PCB production in 2013 estimated at $59.4 billion

September 22, 2014. The world market for PCBs declined an estimated 2.2% in real terms in 2013, although real growth in North...

Sciaky to provide additive manufacturing to Lockheed Martin

September 22, 2014 (PRNewswire). Sciaky Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries Inc. (PSI) and provider of large-scale...

Bioenergetics project promotes education, public health

September 22, 2014. Under the watchful eye of their primary project leader, Shilpa Iyer, Ph.D., a passionate team of eight...

Pacific Power Source releases MIL-STD-1399-300 option

September 21, 2014. Pacific Power Source announced the release of its latest suite of test routines specifically designed to test...

AXIe Consortium announces new specification

September 21, 2014. The AXIe Consortium has announced a new specification, AXIe-0, suitable for low-cost instrumentation and...

Technology can close at-risk-student achievement gaps

September 20, 2014. As school districts around the country consider investing in technology as a way to improve student outcomes,...

SEMI posts August book-to-bill ratio of 1.04

September 18, 2014. North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $1.35 billion in orders worldwide in...

Keysight debuts UXM wireless test set

September 18, 2014. Keysight Technologies Inc. today announced new functionality enhancements to the E7515A UXM wireless test...

MU researcher develops water-based nuclear battery

September 17, 2014. From cell phones to cars and flashlights, batteries play an important role in everyday life. Scientists and...

BERT synchronization function supports 1-Tb/s technologies

September 17, 2014. Anritsu Company has introduced a 32-channel synchronization function for its MP1800A BERT that creates a...

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