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tions such as household appliances, IT systems, and medical equipment. Jans- sen noted the company also supports large facilities for aircraft immunity testing, adding that Rohde & Schwarz participated in the world’s largest such facility, the Boeing Electromagnetic Test Center for the Korea Agency for Defense Development in South Korea. Rohde & Schwarz worked in conjunction with ETS-Lindgren and other companies on the project.2

Janssen said time-to-market is very important for product success, and the corresponding development process, including EMC testing, should not be delayed. “Real-time measurements sup- ported by FFT calculations implement- ed in FPGAs help to improve testing speed enormously in precompliance testing phases,” he said, adding that the CISPR/A standardization group accepts certain FFT measurements for full com- pliance testing as well.

“The concept allows baseband con- version and FFT measurements on the IF stages of test receivers and spectrum analyzers,” Janssen added. “The realiza- tion of a reproducible speed advantage without losing accuracy is the challenge for the manufacturers. The best and experienced manufacturers will win and serve this market requirement.”

Power Meters and Systems René Dijkstra, general manager of DARE!! Instruments, said two recently introduced products are the RadiPower Pulse Power Meter and the RadiCentre 7.2 Modular Test System. The Radi- Power, he said, is a very fast power meter that operates at 1 MS/s (Figure 2). As such, it can perform extremely fast EMC tests and capture radar pulses and, ex- plained Dijkstra, is the only power meter compliant with ETSI EN 300 328. Dijkstra described the RadiCentre 7.2 as a fl exible and modular EMC test system (Figure 3). “The front has one button less than an iPhone—namely, none,” he said. In standby, it complies with the new Eco standards and con-

sumes less than 0.75 W. The system is switched via the touchscreen. On the 7.2 version, the power supply and the CPU now are plug-in cards, allowing easy maintenance and upgrade while leav- ing seven of the instrument’s nine slots free for instruments and controllers like power meters, signal generators, fi eld probes, antenna and mast controllers, switches, and I/O controllers.

EMC Lab cables: apples and

You decide.


MegaPhase - Simply Better

• Rugged, crush-proof armor • Ultra low insertion loss at 18, 26.5 and 40 GHz •“Best in breed” shielding effectiveness

• Ideal for MIL-STD-461/462, DO-160, FCC and ETSI/EN testing

MegaPhase EM SeriesTM armored test

Figure 3. RadiCentre 7.2 Modular Test System Front (top) and Back (bottom) Courtesy of DARE!! Instruments

“As a result, one 19” inch system is all it takes to create a complete EMC test center,” Dijkstra said. The unit can communicate through GPIB, LAN, or USB. Its specially designed grips al- low easy handling of the system, and it can still be mounted in a 19-inch rack without modifi cation. In addition, the lack of internal wiring makes the system extremely robust.

Dijkstra said DARE!! Instruments is a relatively small player that can only survive in the competitive EMC instrument market through innovation. He said that DARE!! owns its own ac- credited EMC test laboratory, “so we know what is important and yet missing in the EMC test market.” The company also offers RadiMation EMC Test Soft- ware, which supports all brands of EMC test equipment and standards and even proprietary tests ranging from standard CE and FCC to military and automotive to aerospace.

Figure 2. RadiPower Pulse Power Meter Courtesy of DARE!! Instruments

Compliance Software Gregory Senko, president of Teseq, said his company recently introduced a major release of its Compliance 5 RF lab software. The new release includes all the capabilities and fl exibility of the previous Compliance 3, he said, but adds market-specific application packages with simple, yet comprehensive, menus and examples of equipment confi gura- Continued on page 28

cables are designed specifically for measurements in EMC lab environments where long cable lengths are subjected to walk-over, roll-over and pull forces – all with the lowest possible insertion loss and best shielding effectiveness. MegaPhase T&M cables are still the “Lowest Cost per Measurement”TM and the best overall value – period.

Shielding Effectiveness Alternative OEM:

MegaPhase EM18:

Insertion Loss (@ 18 GHz) Alternative OEM:

MegaPhase EM18:

Operating Temperature Alternative OEM:

Lead Time Alternative OEM:

MegaPhase EM18:

Product Warranty Alternative OEM:

MegaPhase EM18:

-100 db -120 db

0.782dB/ft 0.230dB/ft

-67°F to 221°F MegaPhase EM18: -67°F to 275°F

> 6 weeks < 2 weeks

6 months 1 year

Very typical Test cable comparison.

Excellence in RF Interconnects

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