Watertown, SD. Wurth Electronics Midcom has announce the release of MID-LLCEPC, a new series of offline transformers using LLC resonant half-bridge topology. With the low switching losses of the LLC topology, the MID-LLCEPC series yields good efficiency, which makes the topology attractive with higher power levels.

“Our package used for this series was designed with an innovative crimp terminal, which allows for better solder integrity on Litz wire terminations than is traditionally seen in the marketplace,” said Dean Huumala, product marketing and development manager at Wurth Electronics Midcom.

This series, developed on the EPC40 package from Wurth Electronics Midcom, is capable of power levels up to 400 W. All four of the parts in the series are designed to take power from a PFC boost converter at a voltage ranging from 340 VDC to 420 VDC switching at 70 to 140 kHz. These new EPC-style offline LLC transformers are suited for LLC resonant converters, high efficiency switch-mode power supplies, display panels, telecom circuits, and audio applications.


Wurth Electronics Midcom debuts LLC resonant half-bridge series
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