CSZ Testing to expand altitude capabilities

October 13, 2014. CSZ Testing is expanding its capabilities in its Ohio test laboratory. Now equipped with a state-of-the-art altitude environmental test chamber, CSZ’s test lab is now able to perform altitude testing combined with temperature and humidity. Altitude testing is used to test products under various altitude conditions to ensure they will continue to work properly under those conditions.

The 32-cubic-foot chamber, manufactured by Cincinnati Sub Zero, is capable of simulating altitude environments of -5,000 to +100,000 feet, temperatures of -65°C to +190°C, and a humidity range of 10% to 95% RH. Temperature and altitude may be combined up to 65,000 feet above site level. Customers wishing to perform testing under various humidity levels with altitude may do so at site level to 20,000 feet with 30% to 95% relative humidity.

This CSZ altitude chamber is also equipped with the EZT-570i 7-in. touch screen controller, which offers features such as automated alarms, power recovery options, and the ability for remote monitoring. Other special accessories outfitted on this chamber include four 3-in.-diameter altitude ports for powering customer devices during testing, one 12-in. x 12-in. altitude viewing window, and a chart recorder.

Altitude testing is typically used in commercial, military, and aerospace applications; however, many other industries also benefit from testing their products in altitude environments. These industries may include the automotive industry to test for regions that are high altitude due to mountainous conditions and also the electronics industry or any other industry that may ship their product via air.

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