Bracknell, UK. Tektronix announced it will fully outfit Raspberry Pi’s R&D lab with the latest Tektronix high-speed test solutions. Raspberry Pi’s new laboratory will focus on high-speed serial design and validation testing. The new test equipment from Tektronix delivers on the lab’s needs today while also ensuring enough bandwidth to support any future high-speed interfaces that would require the highest performance instrumentation.

To support such high speed and complex validation testing, the lab will be equipped with the most powerful mixed-signal test solutions available in the industry, Tektronix said. End-to- end transmit and receive test solutions in the lab will include a Tektronix AWG70002A 25-GS/s arbitrary waveform generator and an MSO72304DX 23-GHz mixed-signal real-time oscilloscope.

“The humble Raspberry Pi actually contains a number of complex, high-speed serial buses, each with their own unique challenges. Interfaces like HDMI, USB, and MIPI DPHY each use very different test methodologies,” said Mike Stimson, principle hardware engineer at Raspberry Pi. “Tektronix has helped us put together a capability which not only allows us to quickly and easily test each one, but will enable us to be ready for whatever the Raspberry Pi of the future may hold.”

“Tektronix’ goal is to eliminate the barriers between inspiration and realization of world-changing technologies. We are delighted to work with Raspberry Pi to bring the digital world to the whole world,” said Dave Farrell, vice president, commercial operations Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Tektronix. “Next generation digital interface standards and increasingly complex test requirements are pushing the limits of today’s compliance and debug tools. This partnership and the solution provided will ensure that Raspberry Pi are able to continue to play a key role in shaping the digital world now and in the future. We can’t wait to see the exciting technologies this partnership will enable among the extensive Raspberry Pi community.”

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