R&S HMC series power supplies offer tracking, sequencing

September 22, 2014 The R&S HMC804x power supplies developed by Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary HAMEG Instruments are equipped with one (R&S HMC8041), two (R&S HMC8042), or three (R&S HMC8043) channels. All models from this series deliver up to 100 W of power and are adjustable between 0 V and 32 V in steps of 1 mV.

Tracking is available in the two multichannel models and enables combined parallel or serial operation. It is still possible to provide power to several circuits independently. Changes to current and voltage values are carried out synchronously in combined channels.

The supplies' FuseLink feature is based on a similar idea. This function combines the safety switch-off current limits for multiple channels. If a channel exceeds its limit, the combined channels also shut off. The function is especially useful if two circuits with different voltages connected to a power supply require overload protection, while at the same time a third circuit needs to continue operating—for example, for a fan to provide interruption free cooling.

The sequencing function makes it possible to switch on multiple channels sequentially over a period of up to 10 seconds. The switch-on times for the individual channels can be set with up to 1-ms resolution.

The logging function stores all current, voltage, and time values. The energy meter function continuously displays the power in watts drawn by a connected load.

Other functions offered by the R&S HMC804x power supplies are EasyRamp and Arbitrary. EasyRamp is used to simulate startup curves for a set output voltage. The ramp can be set within a time window of 10 seconds with a resolution of 10 ms. The Arbitrary function makes it possible to program user-defined current and voltage (V/I) curves. The relevant inputs can be made manually or by remote control. Up to 512 points and up to 255 repetitions can be defined. Despite their exceptionally wide range of functions, R&S HMC804x series sales prices are in the three digit segment.

“More functions—that was our premise in developing the R&S HMC804x series,” said HAMEG Instruments managing director André Vander Stichelen in describing the advantages of the new power supplies. “Supplying current and voltage in a secure, flexible and precise manner is something that other power supplies do as well. What makes the difference is that we provide a number of useful tools that make practical work easier and open up many new applications for the devices despite their very affordable prices.”

The R&S HMC804x power supplies are priced at less than EUR 1,000 and expand the Value Instruments product range, a shared portfolio of universal test-and-measurement equipment from Rohde & Schwarz and its subsidiary HAMEG.


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