Teledyne LeCroy launches range of Teledyne Test Tools (T3)-branded Rogowski Coil Current Probes

New probes deliver cost-effective test bench solutions for engineers, developers, and schools

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NY—Teledyne LeCroy on June 25 announced the latest offering in its Teledyne Test Tools (T3)-branded portfolio of test equipment with the T3 Rc6000 Lf 5430launch of a series of Rogowski Coil Current Probes, which are electrical devices used for measuring alternating current or high-speed current pulses. The T3 portfolio offers a comprehensive range of essential turnkey and ancillary test equipment that is efficient, reliable, affordable, and ideal for engineers, developers and schools in assembling well-equipped test benches.

“The introduction of the T3 branded range of Rogowski Coil Current Probes is an exciting development in our market-leading range of probing solutions under the Teledyne LeCroy brand,” said Roberto Petrillo, GM, Teledyne Test Tools. “We offer customers a choice of five models, providing measurement capabilities up to 6,000 amps and the ability to connect around the leg of a T0-220 device. The probes are connected to the oscilloscope via a standard BNC connection, which allows these probes to be used with all industry-standard oscilloscopes, not just those under the Teledyne LeCroy and Teledyne Test Tool brands. With prices T3 Rc6000 Lf Case 5424starting from only $1,720, these new probing solutions answer the call for affordable and readily-available test bench equipment and accessories that are fully supported by Teledyne LeCroy’s world-class technical support experts.”

The T3 branded portfolio was created to meet the product-design needs of customers across a range of industries such as mobile, automotive, communications, defense and manufacturing. Through strategic collaborations with leading OEM technology partners, Teledyne LeCroy will launch a series of new products under the T3 brand that deliver a broad range of quality test solutions and functionalities to enable speed-to-market, product validation and design innovation. The brand will be supported by the Teledyne LeCroy Customer Care organization.

The T3 branded range of Rogowski Coil Current Probes start at about $1,720 and are available with a lead time of 4-6 weeks. For further information, visit

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