RIGOL, GradientOne partner to streamline test automation

New collaboration delivers a web-based approach to automating waveform data acquisition, screenshot captures, analytics, and data visualization for RIGOL oscilloscopes.

Rigol Logo NewRIGOL Technologies, a provider of test equipment and GradientOne, announced Thursday the integration of RIGOL instruments into GradientOne's test automation cloud platform to simplify the day-to-day tasks of test engineers ranging from hobbyists to enterprise users.

The companies noted the continual increases in hardware design complexity demand innovative new approaches to design validation and testing, and trends towards agile development and everyday analysis benefit companies by providing better product quality, reduced prototyping costs, and faster time-to-market.

Logo 3 OrigThe duo said GradientOne frees test engineers from the high cost of developing and maintaining test data analysis solutions by providing a cloud-based platform for remote control, data acquisition, single system of record for test data storage, product quality history, and advanced analytics.

Says RIGOL: The integration of many of RIGOL's most popular UltraVision and UltraVision II oscilloscopes with GradientOne's web based platform allows engineers to simply and quickly set up tests, acquire/store the test data, analyze the results, and collaborate with teammates. RIGOL's price/performance offerings coupled with GradientOne's new approach to test automation provides engineers a powerful set of tools to easily set up and perform characterization without the need for steep learning curves associated with other types of test automation tools on the market.

"The thing I really like about GradientOne is that it makes capture and traceability of tests so much easier than front panel button pushing or vendor waveform save functionality," said Alex Whittemore, Electrical Engineering consultant at uBeam. "Button pushing can be so tedious, even if the experiment only calls for a handful of tests captured. I'd never put effort into writing Python or LabView test infrastructure just to save 10 different waveforms at 10 different input voltages, say, but manually exporting and tagging screenshots or .CSVs means I take shortcuts and by the end of the experiment, I'm not 100% certain test conditions match captured waveforms. GradientOne is an easy go-to and trivializes most of the setup and logging for a test like that. And if I need much more complexity, the same system supports adding it in only as necessary. And it helps that I've already got RIGOL gear on my bench, ready to go."

GradientOne solutions are available via www.gradientone.com. Pricing for the service starts at $0.99 per instrument per month for a single user.

The complete family of RIGOL products is available via www.rigolna.com.

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