ASA announces new features in M1 Waveform Tools v7

May 21, 2014. Amherst Systems Associates (ASA) has announced the release of the latest version (v7) of its flagship product M1 Waveform Tools, which has addressed the oscilloscope-usefulness software market since first released in 1994. The new release builds upon the industry-defining vision and capability set available in previous versions. To better reflect this expanded/unlimited vision, the name of the tool is changing from M1 Oscilloscope Tools to M1 Waveform Tools with this version. The new name highlights ASA’s unique platform-agnostic, brand-agnostic, and age-agnostic approach and ability to improve customers’ waveform-based workflow far beyond just oscilloscopes.

M1 Waveform Tools v7 includes support for multiple new platform types beyond oscilloscopes, multiple major enhancements in automation, an emergency backup license server product to maximize uptime during hardware failures, and significant new types of collaboration, to name but a few. Over the next several weeks, ASA will be releasing a series of detailed press releases introducing these new capabilities and describing their impact on customers’ waveform handling workflow. The series of press releases from ASA will contain new announcements and enhancements for the popular no-cost M1 Waveform Viewer product as well. A high-level summary of all the new changes can be found at

Mike Williams, president and principal product designer for the M1 product family, noted, “No other tool in the waveform-handling software market has been in continuous release even half as long as M1.  We invented that market. Before this release, the vision and capability set of M1 Waveform Tools literally dwarfed that of any other waveform software. With the release of v7, we are not only providing a massive expansion of the capability set, but more importantly substantially broadening the already enormous vision.  No other portfolio on the market even attempts to address the scale of end-to-end workflow acceleration of customer waveform handling activities (measurement, analysis, automation, collaboration, debug) that M1 addresses, let alone attempts to address them in an anti-proprietary, platform-agnostic, brand-agnostic, age-agnostic manner—or at anything less than a customer-punishing price. There is no rational reason for a customer to waste their budget on the so-called tools and the associated limited visions from the platform manufacturers.”

With all of the changes to the portfolio, ASA has also expanded its website,, to discuss M1 in terms of the impacts it can have on a customer’s workflow rather than just listing individual features and functions as is the norm for the simple, proprietary accessory software offered by the platform manufacturers.

M1 Waveform Tools Version 7 has been released and is available immediately. M1 employs scalable pricing, where the actual price level is determined by the platform configuration to which you will attach it. Pricing ranges from $495 to $11,995 in seven steps.

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