Keysight, Stanford work to streamline students' experience

September 17, 2014. Keysight Technologies Inc. announced it is supplying its BenchVue software to Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering. The visual and intuitive software simplifies the use of test instruments in the lab. As a result, students spend less time, and require less help, setting up the assigned lab, thereby allowing instructors to stay focused on lesson plans and make sure the students receive a positive engineering experience.

Keysight’s BenchVue software makes it easy to view, capture, and export measurement data from test instruments to other software applications such as Excel and MATLAB. Additionally, BenchVue allows students to save and quickly recall their lab setup configurations, so students can spend more time analyzing the results versus trying to figure out how to get the results.

BenchVue's companion mobile app further simplifies students’ work by letting them monitor and control tests remotely while enabling the sharing of running tests with their peers.

“Keysight is committed to working with educational program leaders like Stanford to develop an improved learning experience for students,” said Rod Unverrich, senior program manager for BenchVue, Keysight Technologies.

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