Sony develops automotive image sensor

Sony has introduced its IMX224MQV CMOS image sensor for automotive cameras. The sensor can capture high-resolution images in light conditions as low as 0.005 lux, which the company describes as the light available on a moonless night. Sony says the sensor will meet the requirements of the AEC-Q100 electronic-component reliability tests when mass production begins in December 2015.

Sony notes that it has developed digital imaging chips for professional and consumer cameras and smartphones but going forward will expand its reach into the sensor arena as well—for automotive and other applications that require determining an object’s distance, movement, shape, and color.

Indeed, Sony has been moving away from consumer products into areas as diverse as real-estate brokerage. And the Wall Street Journal reports that in general “…Japanese industrial profits are driven nowadays in good measure by companies making materials, parts, and industrial products rather than consumer goods.”

Additional specifications for the IMX224MQV CMOS image sensor can be found here.

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