Perovskite spray-painting approach could cut PV costs

Perovskite continues to show promise as a potential low-cost alternative for crystalline bulk silicon for photovoltaic applications. Writing in the Washington Post, Tuan C. Nguyen reports on work at the University of Sheffield, where researchers are using an ultrasonic spray-painting machine to deposit layers of perovskite.

The process avoids the need for high-temperature (1,000°C) processes. David Lidzey, physics professor and lead researcher, said the perovskite layers can be heat-treated at less than 100°C.

Nguyen quotes Lidzey as saying, “There are a lot of issues still to solve, but the most critical of these are increasing the life span of perovskite devices so they can work without degradation for many years.”

You can read Nguyen’s article here and my earlier post on the topic here.

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