MAC Panel debuts APEX connector

June 30, 2014. MAC Panel has introduced a new-high performance electrical connector, APEX, which is aimed at providing customers with stronger contacts and better overall reliability.

Anthony Sedberry, president of MAC Panel, explained, “APEX is an outstanding addition to the MAC Panel interconnect portfolio. MAC Panel worked to enhance the 'build on the bench' simplicity when using the APEX, with a back shell that installs after cable build and provides improved wire security. Covering applications from the simplistic to the complex, APEX is a dynamic interconnect solution.”

General manager Dave Wilson explained how MAC Panel specifically addressed the customer’s need for a better connector: “We used our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing systems and intimate knowledge of connector technology to develop a solution that meets and exceeds all expectations.”

The company said a recurring theme in its market research has been user frustration with poorly designed back-shells that added to build times, had poor cable-management features, and were vulnerable to damage. The highly durable APEX aluminum back shell allows the wiring to be performed with the cable clamp in position if required. The main cover is easily removed for easy access during build and maintenance. This can be of particularly advantages during the debug process since it allows access to the cables and contacts while the APEX connector is in-situ.

For APEX, the company said, male contacts are 300% stronger than the industry standard. Not only are the contacts stronger than comparable systems, they also have a 5-A current rating and can accommodate a 20 awg cable, which is a significant improvement over the more typical 2- to 3-A generally available in the market.

All APEX plugs and sockets have the option of using either cable connections or are mounted to a PCB, offering maximum design flexibility. APEX 1-mm wiring contacts accept 20 awg to 24 awg cables sizes. The APEX PCB modules and contacts have been designed to maximize the available space for circuit-trace routing. It is possible to mix and match cables and/or APEX plugs and sockets. Users of multiple APEX connectors have the option of using polarizing posts that offer 36 unique combinations.

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