MEMSIC Offers Wearable Connected Device SDK

January 17, 2014. MEMSIC Inc., a MEMS solutions provider, has announced a connected watch software development kit (MMW-SDK) with an integrated e-compass. Its availability facilitates the rapid development of a range of wearable consumer electronic applications with connectivity to Apple and Android platforms.

The MMW-SDK takes advantage of the ultralow power and small size of the recently introduced MEMSIC MMC3416xPJ magnetometer, allowing developers to create innovative, always-on, wearable applications that enhance the user experience and utility of mobile handsets and tablets. While using less than 50 µA of current, the MMC3416xPJ can provide fast, accurate heading, rotation, and attitude information, which, combined with MEMSIC’s sensor fusion software, will enable applications to understand the context of the user, such as whether the user is standing, sitting, lying, walking, or running, and can also assist in indoor navigation applications. The SDK also provides a wireless connection to another mobile device, further simplifying the development and integration process.

The MEMSIC electronic compass software provides an accurate fully tilt compensated electronic compass with calibration that supports MEMSIC’s MMC3416xPJ.

Integrating sensors can be complex and time consuming. A thorough understanding of the theory of magnetics, sensor behavior, calibration, and tilt compensation is required before the design can start, and the digital outputs of counts per gauss need to be filtered, translated, and correlated into a tilt compensated heading. MEMSIC simplifies this integration by providing the necessary calibration libraries and sensor fusion software as part of the MMW-SDK. This SDK leverages MEMSIC’s many years of experience as an IMU developer to provide the basic sensor framework on top of which the developer can build context awareness, motion and fitness applications.

“META is excited to be working with MEMSIC, a leader in inertial sensors, systems and solutions. [The company's] low-power, high-dynamic range sensors and the sensor fusion software coupled with META’s ultralow power connected watch platform enable a host of new consumer wearable devices and watch features.” said Meta Watch Ltd. CTO, David Rosales.

John Newton, MEMSIC VP of marketing, commented “The META ultra-low power smart watch is an ideal match for our new MMC3416xPJ magnetic sensor. Together they enable a small, ultralow power and high performance context awareness solution. Through our partnership with META, the new MMW-SDK will enable customers to bring new wearable solutions to market quickly and efficiently.”

The MMW-SDK will be available in April 2014.

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