DO-35 Thermistor Offers Wide Ohmic Resistance Range

December 23, 2013. Measurement Specialties now offers the DO-35 Series thermistor temperature sensor, which provides accurate measurements across a resistance range of 5 kΩ to 200 kΩ at +25°C.

The glass-packaged thermistor enables stable measurement in a range of difficult environments, while protecting the ceramic sensing element for long-term reliability and high performance.

The NTC (negative temperature coefficient) chip is encased in a hermetically-sealed tube (DO-35 diode glass package) to reduce environmental stresses and prevent moisture ingress to the sensing element.  The new thermistor is suitable for use in many consumer-electronics devices and air-conditioning units as well as in PCB temperature sensing and low-cost probe assemblies.

Measurement Specialties’ DO-35 features 24 AWG tin- and nickel-plated copper leads that operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +300°C.  The RoHS-compliant thermistor can also be PCB mounted.

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