Anritsu introduces PIM, line-sweep field analyzer

October 4, 2014. Anritsu has introduced the MW82119B PIM Master, which combines a 40-W, battery-operated PIM analyzer with a 2-MHz to 3-GHz cable and antenna analyzer, eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to measure the RF performance of a cell site. The MW82119B provides tower and maintenance contractors, network installers, and wireless service providers with a handheld field passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer with line sweep capability so they can fully certify cell site cable and antenna systems.

 The MW82119B PIM Master with the Site Master option supports the full array of site tests. Field users can conduct PIM versus time, swept PIM, distance-to-PIM (DTP), return loss, VSWR, cable loss, and distance-to-Fault (DTF) measurements. In addition to eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments to the top of a tower, the integrated MW82119B PIM Master allows all site data to be stored in one location for fast retrieval.

 The MW82119B PIM Master maintains the legacy of durability established for more than a decade by Anritsu handheld field analyzers. It is MIL-STD-810G drop-test rated and is designed to withstand transportation shock, vibration, and harsh outdoor test conditions. The MW82119B PIM Master has also achieved an IP54 ingress protection rating, certifying its ability to operate without damage after exposure to blowing dust and water spray.

Recognizing the environments in which it will be used, Anritsu has designed the MW82119B PIM Master with a large, outdoor viewable 8.4-inch display and intuitive user interface (UI) that is optimized for field conditions. New stainless-steel lifting rings in the chassis and a padded soft case make the analyzer well suited for hoisting during tower-top testing. The analyzer’s rugged design, lightweight and small size enable both PIM and line sweep testing at the top-of-the-tower.

Nine models are available in the MW82119B PIM Master family to address the most prevalent wireless networks. Analyzers cover the North American 700-MHz  LTE (upper and lower) bands, APT 700-MHz band, 800-MHz LTE band, 850-MHz cellular band, 900-MHz E-GSM band, 1,800 MHz DCS band, AWS 1,900/2,100 MHz band, 2,100 MHz UMTS band, and 2,600-MHz LTE band. Covering various bands, the MW82119B PIM Master is suited for a number of applications, including the deployment and maintenance of LTE Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Small Cells, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

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