NI introduces online condition monitoring software

October 1, 2014. NI has announced NI InsightCM Enterprise, a new software solution that helps companies gain insight into the health of their capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations. With more than 15 years of experience in condition monitoring, NI developed NI InsightCM Enterprise as its first end-to-end software solution that addresses Big Analog Data challenges and builds on the industrial Internet of Things.

Using NI InsightCM Enterprise, companies can cost-effectively monitor both critical and ancillary rotating machinery, which helps them gain a more holistic view of their fleets and manage operational risk while maintaining profitability and production efficiency. The enterprise solution solves the data-management, data-analysis, and systems-management challenges that are common in Big Analog Data applications. Its inherent flexibility and open architecture make it an ideal choice for meeting evolving diagnostic program requirements.

NI InsightCM Enterprise acquires and analyzes sensory information, generates alarms, and allows maintenance specialists to remotely diagnose machine faults. Ready-to-run condition monitoring systems based on the CompactRIO hardware platform can acquire from a wide range of sensors for improved fault diagnoses. This hardware and software solution simplifies the configuration of and measurements from thousands of sensors, so users can remotely monitor device health, configure channels, and upgrade firmware on deployed systems.

This online condition monitoring solution is suitable for companies in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, mining, rail, and industrial manufacturing, that need to optimize machine performance, maximize uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase safety.

NI InsightCM Enterprise lowers the instrumentation cost for monitoring both critical and other plant equipment at a fleet-wide scale. Its open software architecture supports accessing data and gaining interoperability with third-party enterprise software packages, such as CMMSs, database historians, and prognostics tools. It scales from one to hundreds of nodes per NI InsightCM Enterprise server and replicates one solution at multiple facilities.

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