Teradyne Spectrum HS test system unveiled at Autotest

September 16, 2014. The Spectrum HS functional test system joined Teradyne’s Spectrum family of functional ATE today at Autotest in St. Louis, MO. Designed around—and ready for—Teradyne’s High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) instrumentation, the Spectrum HS is aimed at circuit boards, assemblies, and boxes requiring digital-bus, mixed-signal or real-time test.

Dan Walsh, marketing manager for Teradyne’s defense and aerospace division, stated, “As electronic communications standards evolve, the speed and volume of test data keep increasing, which drives the requirement for test systems that can perform real-time test at ever higher I/O speeds. That’s why we’ve designed the Spectrum HS around our High Speed Subsystem. It enables the entire test system to meet demanding bus performance specifications as well as reconfigure instruments at runtime to meet a proliferation of standardized and custom I/O port protocols and be able to handle a massive amount of real-time data. Tackling multiple concurrent buses at gigabit speeds and manipulating data at hundreds of megabytes per second are common requirements.”

Walsh continued, “Additionally, it’s the first Spectrum system centered on PXI-based instrumentation, which is rapidly emerging as a preferred means to address current and future analog and digital functional test requirements. We think the Spectrum HS is the ideal combination of a fully configurable tester designed to meet increasingly challenging functional test requirements—all packaged in a standardized and supportable system.”

Teradyne is currently accepting orders, and multiple customers have already purchased Spectrum HS systems. The average price in the U.S. for a base Spectrum HS is $160,000. The HS is available immediately.


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