PXI Express remote controller offers PCIe Gen 2 x8 link

September 16, 2014. ADLINK Technology Inc. today at Autotest announced the release of its new PCIe-PXIe-8638 high-performance PXI Express remote controller, enabling remote control of any PXI Express system directly via PC. Fully software- and driver-transparent bandwidth up to 4 GB/s is available through PCIe Gen 2 x8 link capability. With the PCIe-PXIe-8638, processor performance is maximized for an industrial PC, server, or workstation, delivering dependable remote control of the PXI/PXIe system, maximum flexibility, and reduced hybrid-test application costs.

“In complicated hybrid test systems, a high-performance server or workstation is conventionally deployed as the host PC to control all test equipment simultaneously,” said Catherine Wu, senior director of ADLINK's Measurement and Automation Product Segment. “PXI systems have often been used in hybrid systems for data acquisition. The new release of ADLINK’s PCIe-PXIe-8638 means efficient remote control of PXI Express systems is available through an existing host PC, with no extra expense required for additional embedded control. This represents an optimized solution, dramatically reducing time and cost for system development.”

The ADLINK PCIe-PXIe-8638 includes a PCIe-8638 module for installation in a PC, connected via a PCIe x8 shielded twisted-pair copper cable and rugged latching connectors to a PXIe-8638 module in slot 1 of a PXIe chassis. Sustained throughput of 4 GB/s is enabled in each direction, with transmission extending to 5 m with no decrease in signal rate. Users benefit from the flexibility of remote control, avoiding test-system exposure to harsh or hazardous environments. In addition, LED indicators on the PXIe-8638 front panel deliver link status information for the PCI Express lanes on the module to the backplane, maximizing convenience of system setup.


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