Keysight introduces 65-GS/s arbitrary waveform generator

September 10, 2014. Keysight Technologies today added a 65-GS/s, 20-GHz modular instrument to its portfolio of arbitrary waveform generators. The new high-speed, wide-bandwidth M8195A arbitrary waveform generator allows engineers to generate digital multilevel (for example, PAM4, MIPI C-PHY) signal scenarios and test their electrical and optical links with complex modulated signals up to 32 Gbaud and beyond.

The instantaneous bandwidth from DC to 20 GHz allows researchers to create extremely short yet precise pulses. Developers of radar, electronic warfare, satellite, and wireless applications can use the M8195A AWG to create wideband signals up to 20 GHz. The instrument delivers high sample rate and wide bandwidth in combination with industry-leading port density. This functionality allows engineers to make reliable, repeatable measurements when they are working on binary and multilevel, multichannel digital interfaces as well as coherent optical and wideband communication applications.

The M8195A uses out-of-the box and in-situ calibration and signal predistortion methods to generate clean signals–even at the highest data rates. Engineers also can use these techniques to embed or de-embed the channel between the generator and the device under test. The implementation in hardware allows change of parameters at runtime.

With up to 16 GSamples of waveform memory, the M8195A allows designers to create long and highly realistic signal scenarios. Multiple M8195A modules can be combined in a system with up to 16 fully synchronous channels in a single 5-slot AXIe chassis.

“The M8195A uses proprietary ASIC technology to deliver a combination of the fastest speed, widest bandwidth and highest port density,” said Juergen Beck, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s digital and photonic test business. “This enables customers to economically test their multichannel, high-speed designs to the limit of required functionality.”

The M8195A arbitrary waveform generator helps engineers to generate four channels of multilevel signals (for instance, PAM4) with programmable distortions and jitter up to 32 Gbaud. It can generate two pairs of complex modulated baseband signals (four channels) for coherent optical applications up to 32 GBaud and beyond.

The M8195A offers a maximum sample rate of 65-GS/s with 20 GHz of analog bandwidth on up to four precisely aligned channels per 1-slot AXIe module simultaneously.

The M8195A runs on an AXIe modular system designed for high-performance instrumentation and can be used with a 2-slot or 5-slot chassis.

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