USB Module addresses sound and vibration measurement

August 8, 2014. Data Translation has announced the DT9857 high-channel-count USB module for noise and vibration measurement. The highly accurate front-end design of the DT9857 allows simultaneous measurement of sixteen 24-bit IEPE sensor inputs at a sampling rate of 105.6 kS/s. This module is suitable for precision measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and other transducers that have a large dynamic range. Common applications include audio, acoustic, and vibration testing.

In addition to 16 analog input channels, the module features a 32-bit tachometer, three counters, and eight digital inputs all synchronized in the analog input data stream. Two 32-bit stimulus outputs and eight digital outputs are all synchronized in the analog output stream. The module allows both hardware and software triggers as well as pre and post-trigger sampling.  Up to four modules can be triggered simultaneously for synchronized measurements of up to 64 IEPE sensor inputs.

“The DT9857 builds on a series of very successful vibration modules by offering the ability to measure many points on a large structure, such as aircraft wings, large industrial machines, and turbines,” stated Fred Molinari, president. “Additionally, it offers previously unachievable accuracy with a 4-mA excitation current source up to 20-V compliance, allowing use of a wide variety of accelerometers.”

Key Features of the DT9857 include

  • 16 Simultaneous 24-bit delta-sigma analog inputs for high resolution measurements;
  • IEPE inputs, including use of a 4-mA source with 20V compliance;
  • up to 105.6-kHz sampling rate per channel on all channels; and
  • two 32-bit high-accuracy stimulus outputs, plus a 32-bit tachometer, one general-purpose counter/timer, two measure counters, eight digital inputs, and eight digital outputs.

All data streams are matched in time to achieve synchronous results. Prices for the DT9857 start at $3,495. The DT9857 will be shipping in September.

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