Audeze chooses Audio Precision for headphone test

July 2, 2014. Audeze, maker of planar magnetic driver headphones, has selected Audio Precision APx525 and APx515 audio analyzers to test Audeze products during development and production.

The technology employed in Audeze planar magnetic headphones delivers very low distortion (THD) and a wide frequency response, requiring a test system of equal or higher performance. With a typical THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) of -108 dB for the APx525, the APx series provides the range and accuracy demanded to measure audio of this caliber.

In addition, Audeze tests every headphone and headphone component exhaustively during manufacture, making automation essential. The extensive automation capabilities built in to the APx500 software make it easy to configure repeatable, rapid test sequences, and even to trigger and control external equipment.

“We evaluated a variety of equipment from different vendors,” said Audeze cofounder Sankar Thiagasamudram. “The feature set and ease of use of the software won us over,” he added.

“Quality and accuracy is very important to us in every step of the manufacturing process,” continued Thiagasamudram. “APx allows us to write our own scripts and to trigger these tests automatically. When the transducer is made, and when the headphones are assembled, they undergo a battery of tests to ensure that every single headphone that comes out of the production line is perfect-sounding.”

“This is exactly why Audio Precision is the leader in audio test,” said AP president David Schmoldt. “We are passionate about making the best audio analyzers because of the great work that they enable companies like Audeze to do, raising the bar in electro-acoustic performance.”

Audeze was founded in 2009 by Alex Rosson and Sankar Thiagasamudram and is located in Orange County, CA. The company develops headphones using planar magnetic technology.

Since 1984, AP has offered high performance audio analyzer instruments and applications to help engineers worldwide design and manufacture all types of consumer, professional, and industrial audio products.

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