ADLINK announces high-speed PXI Express digitizer

June 30, 2014. ADLINK Technology has announced the release of its new PXIe-9848H 8-CH 14-bit 100 MS/s high-speed PXI Express digitizer. The PXIe-9848H features a x15/x50 signal-conditioning module providing both a high input voltage range of ±100 V and high dynamic performance to deliver the optimum solution for measurement range expansion in a PXI system. The PXIe-9848H is suitable for an array of applications in automotive control, power supply testing, and scientific research.

“In conventional high voltage measurement, users have been required to develop their own attenuators or devote extra expense to additional instrumentation amplification, which in turn occupied another peripheral slot,” said Catherine Wu, senior product director of ADLINK's Measurement and Automation Product Segment. “ADLINK’s PXIe-9848H’s highly integrated mechanical design takes up only a single slot, representing an optimized solution and saving time and costs for system development.”

The PXIe-9848H’s signal-conditioning module provides eight simultaneous analog inputs and a 15:1 or 50:1 attenuation ratio, implemented with solid product design and strict verification testing to ensure maximum performance, thereby enabling the high dynamic performance of 63.5 dB SFDR and 55.5 dB SINAD while supporting high input voltage range of ±100 V. In addition, the PXIe-9848H provides software selectable input impedance, over-voltage protection, and AC/DC coupling to maximize convenience.

The PXIe-9848H supports Windows 8/7/XP and is fully compatible with third-party software such as NI LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Visual Studio.NET. ADLINK further provides measurement APIs to simplify programming of rise time, overshoot, turn-on delay, and other functions.

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