ADLINK premieres quad-core x86 smart camera

June 19, 2014. ADLINK Technology Inc., a provider of cloud-based services, intelligent gateways, and embedded building blocks for edge devices that enable the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the release of its x86 smart camera, NEON-1040, featuring a quad-core Intel Atom processor, a 1.9-GHz, 2048 x 2048-pixel, 60-fps 1” monochrome CMOS global shutter image sensor, and PWM lighting-control support. The company had previewed the camera at The Vision Show in Boston in April.

The quad core CPU increases computing power, and FPGA co-processors and a GPU deliver advanced image processing, both beyond the capabilities of conventional smart cameras. Software support and API compatibility further enable easy migration from original platforms, making it simple for system integrators to fulfill a variety of inspection application needs.

With FPGA co-processor support, the NEON-1040 accelerates image preprocessing, including LUT (look up table) and ROI (region of interest) functions as well as shading correction, thereby reducing CPU loading and enabling complex acquisition at high speeds.

“As the performance requirements for machine vision and industrial automation systems become more demanding, devices require more synchronization and scalability. This means open architecture and simple software development environments with multiple devices can greatly benefit developers, relieving them of the burdens of becoming familiar with additional application tools,” said Neil Chen, product manager of ADLINK’s vision product segment. He said the NEON-1040 offers flexible software development support for GenICam, GenTL, Open CV, and Open CL.

ADLINK’s NEON-1040 presents a minimal footprint at 68.5 mm x 110 mm x 52.7 mm. A dust-proof, washable IP-67-rated casing and M12 connectors allow the NEON-1040 to withstand harsh industrial environments, such as machine tooling and food/beverage packaging applications. The additional GigE port enables easy connectivity with external devices, such as GigE Vision slave cameras and EtherCAT with I/O control modules. The built-in PMM lighting control conserves TCO (total cost of ownership) while communicating with LED lighting. Versatile I/O support including 2x isolated inputs, 2x isolated outputs, USB 2.0 port, RS-232 ports, and VGA output maximize convenience for users of factory automation applications.

With optional Microsoft Embedded Standard 7, support for 64-bit instruction, onboard 2-GB RAM. and up to 32-GB storage, the NEON-1040 embodies a stable software operating environment for high-speed machine vision applications. The NEON-1040 starter kit, including the ADLINK x86 smart camera, LED lighting, lens, cable set and terminal board, will be available in early July 2014. The NEON-1020 2-MP, 120-fps x86 smart camera will also be released at that time.

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