NI highlights PA design and test at IMS

Tampa, FL. National Instruments chose the International Microwave Symposium to present several demonstrations, with a particular emphasis on power-amplifier design and test.

From a design aspect, the company described the design of an MMIC power amplifier in the design environment of NI's AWR subsidiary. The demo showed what's involved in the design of module-level output matching using load-pull analysis.

A second demonstration focused on NI's envelope-tracking and digital predistortion (DPD) reference design. The demo showed how to adjust RF-to-baseband synchronization and apply DPD using look-up tables (LUT) or memory polynomial models.

Yet another demo showed how to use PXI instruments—including a vector signal transceiver, arbitrary waveform generator, DC source, and digital multimeter—to characterize the gain and efficiency of a MaXentric infrastructure power amplifier that uses envelope tracking. The demo condensed what could have been a bench full of box instruments and custom hardware into a single 18-slot PXI chassis.

NI also demonstrated microwave instruments making IMD3 measurements on an 18-GHz power amplifier. And finally, the company highlighted NI AWR Design Environment V11, AWR's first major software release in 2014.

Visit for more on the AWR design environment, and visit for more on power-amplifier design and test.

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