Anritsu at IMS debuts ShockLine VNAs

Tampa, FL. Anritsu chose the International Microwave Symposium to introduce its new ShockLine RF vector network analyzer specifically designed to meet the price/performance considerations associated with testing passive multiport and differential devices. Ajaiey Sharma, director of marketing and business development, said VNAs have become highly complex, offering many features and options. But many applications require only basic functions, and customers don't want to pay for extra features.

Sharma described the underlying technology as a “VNA on a chip.” The new instruments don't have a front panel—if you want a large display, you can buy a 42-inch screen for $200.

The new instruments, he said, employ a scaled-down version of the technology integrated into the company's flagship VectorStar instruments. The name “ShockLine” refers to nonlinear transmission-line technology, which makes use of very narrow impulses at millimeter-wave regions.

Anritsu reports that with the new instruments, engineers can conduct key tests, including 16 single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameter measurements. In addition, time-domain a time-domain measurement option supports signal-integrity testing on high-speed digital boards.

Among offerings within the family, the Economy ShockLine MS46322A supports 2-port VNA for measurements up to 40 GHz. The MS46524A 4-port VNAs for differential and multi-port device testing are available in two models—one which covers the 10 MHz to 4.5 GHz frequency range and a second instrument that extends frequency coverage to 7 GHz.

The MS46524A has a starting U.S. price of $34,950, and delivery is four weeks ARO.

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