VTI Instruments offers PXI Express 152-channel multiplexer

May 31, 2014. VTI Instruments has announced the introduction of its SMX-3276, a 152-channel, 300-V/2-A, 3U PXI Express multiplexer module designed for the scanning of multiple points to a common bus. The module can be reconfigured under program control for 1-, 2-, or 4-wire configurations, providing the versatility necessary to be used in various applications.

Combining the high bandwidth capabilities of the PXI Express platform and VTI Instruments' high-power switching systems has allowed VTI to provide ATE system designers with the ability to switch input signals with up to 34 MHz bandwidth while delivering crosstalk levels down to -70 dB at 100 kHz. The SMX-3276 was designed with the same core philosophy of providing high channel density without compromising performance, bringing instrument-grade switching capabilities to PXI Express for the first time.

Other features include internal capacitive discharge relays that keep high voltages from disturbing sensitive measurement points, 160-pin DIN connector for easy connectivity, and extensive signal shielding that preserves signal integrity throughout the signal path by maintaining the signals at the same reference level as the UUT.

Said Tom Sarfi, VTI Instruments VP of product management, “The SMX-3276 exemplifies the value we bring to our customers. A single model number is suitable for switching high-level DC signals to 300 V, or signals with AC components in excess of 30 MHz, in multiple configurations.”

As an extension of VTI's EX1200 series switch family, the SMX series also provides seamless integration between the families, simplifying transition from a low- to medium-sized switch system in PXI Express to a large-scale switch system in the EX1200.


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