GOEPEL simplifies i.MX5x processor programming and test

April 13, 2014. GOEPEL electronic has announced the availability of special VarioTAP model libraries for universal processor emulation for application processors of the i.MX51/i.MX53 family by Freescale.

These libraries, known as VarioTAP models, are structured modularly as intelligent IP and allow a fusion of boundary-scan test and JTAG-based emulation. The processor is thereby controlled through the native debug port. Based on this, users are able to execute hardware design validation and prototype tests without firmware. Moreover, the method provides the use of dynamic tests as well as faster in-system flash programming.  

“Many of our customers in the automotive, multimedia, medical, or industrial electronics sector use i.MX5x processors for system control. By expanding our VarioTAP product range, we allow these users to operate with the latest test and programming technologies,” said Matthias Müller, press spokesman of GOEPEL electronic. “This development states an important step towards systematic extension of our tool portfolio for Freescale processors.”

About Freescale i.MX5x processors

The i.MX5x series are application processors with a balanced ratio of power consumption and performance and are based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex A8 RISC architecture, providing clock frequencies up to 1.2 GHz. They are integrated into miniaturized housings as BGA components with several hundred integrated pins, not allowing direct contact to external instruments. VarioTAP can be utilized to provide design-integrated tools for test, hardware debug, Flash programming and design validation after chip mounting.

About VarioTAP and its use

A VarioTAP model, as part of an IP library, contains all relevant access information for the respective target processor. On this basis users can select a processor corresponding to their design and be able to test and validate the connected hardware unit as well as program Flash memories. The processor is reconfigured to provide design-integrated test and programming instruments via the native debug port. No special knowledge about debug ports is required.

No needles or probes for contacting the UUT are necessary. Processor emulation is part of Embedded system Access (ESA) and is based upon design integrated test electronics. Thus, combination with other non-intrusive methods like BScan, Chip embedded instruments or FPGA assisted test is possible on one platform without problem.

All test and programming tasks can access unified equipment. The system is easily adapted through the VarioTAP model library. This improves overall process efficiency and protects investments.


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