DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer Supports 16×4 Channel Bonding

December 31, 2013. Averna, a developer of test solutions and services for communications and electronics device makers worldwide, has announced a new software release for the DP-360 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer, featuring support for 16×4 channel bonding.

Averna describes the DP-360 as the industry standard for functional DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS network analysis, providing exceptional visibility into all layers of the network. Multiple system operators (MSOs), chipset manufacturers, product developers, and certification bodies use the DP-360 to quickly find and correct trouble spots.

The new DP-360 Release Supports up to 16 single or bonded downstream channels for testing 16×4 configurations. Upstream gain control, MER reading, and power reading are available in the remote API for automated power adjustment. Other features include automatic detection of modulation type (64-QAM or 256-QAM) and upport for DOCSIS 3.0 Energy Management messages (EM-REQ & EM-RSP).

DP-360 clients also have access to Averna’s new DOCSIS 3.1 Early Adopter Program, which offers MSOs and equipment vendors a smooth and cost-effective transition to Averna’s next-generation solution for testing their cable equipment based on the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

“Our DOCSIS 3.1 Early Adopter Program covers current D3.0 as well as upcoming D3.1 testing needs and is specifically designed to make the technology switch as easy and cost effective as possible for our clients and partners,” commented Alex Pelland, director of broadband test strategy for Averna. “The DP-360 is the most advanced DOCSIS protocol analyzer available today and, with our forward-looking transition program, it will provide a substantial return on investment for years to come.”

The new DP-360 software release is available at no cost to customers with a valid DP-360 maintenance and support agreement.

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