Digicom Provides Medical Device Manufacturing Services

December 6, 2013 Digicom Electronics Inc., an electronics manufacturing services company, has designed a Diamond Track Program to help medical device companies with their complete process. As part of the program, Digicom performs a design review and collaborates with the device designers to make sure the design is manufacturable and to ensure that the necessary information is available to complete the transition of the design to manufacturing.

Digicom produces the prototype, sources the components, manufactures and tests the product, assists with process validation, and can even ship the product direct to its end user. In addition, in order to eliminate device failure from printed circuit board (PCB) contamination, Digicom has developed and deploys a proprietary process to clean circuit boards that removes ion contamination to below detectable limits and results in PCBs that far exceed IPC-TM-650 cleanliness standards.

“We specialize in complex products and those that require the utmost precision, reliability, durability, and enhanced performance,” said Mo Ohady, general manager, Digicom Electronics. “We handle both small runs and high volume and have been helping companies with solutions for their challenging electronic products since 1982.”

Digicom is certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 medical devices quality, and quality system regulation 21 CFR 820. Products are manufactured in Digicom's new facility in Oakland, CA.


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