GOEPEL Enhances RAPIDO Inline Systems

November 27, 2013. GOEPEL electronic has announced the availability of new features in the RAPIDO multisite inline production system family for high-speed in-system programming and board test based on the company's latest Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. One of the innovations is an option to utilize planar down-holders in sandwich construction. Now ultra-thin, rigid-flexible boards with contact gaps of up to 50 mil can be safely handled in multiple-up production.

As a second innovation, all fixtures are equipped with an intelligent module for identification and data storage. The compatibility between fixture and target board can be ensured by means of this so-called FID module (Fixture Identification and Data). Additionally, there is the opportunity to automatically configure the entire system, including bandwidth, UUT, and test program. This approach avoids manual faults and provides a simple and efficient UUT change. Furthermore, the FID module determines fixture state, stores the entire life cycle, and signals required maintenance work, such as probe changing.

Other amendments include an increase in adjustable bandwidth for standard systems to 250 mm. Moreover, new functions at the MES interface (Manufacturing Enterprise System) are implemented. 

“The extension of our RAPIDO system family gives us the opportunity to meet the demands of high-volume production particularly in the automotive and consumer industries even better”, said Alexander Beck, team manager for integration in GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG/boundary-scan division. “All developments are derived from customer concerns and the growing range of installations and applications. In association with our extensive worldwide service, we are able to deliver individually configured standard solutions with highest productivity.”


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