LTspice IV Is Now Native on Mac OS X

November 9, 2013. Linear Technology Corp. has announced a native Mac OS X release of its LTspice IV simulation program. This new release of LTspice supports Mac OS X 10.7+ platforms and has similar capabilities and features as its Windows counterpart.

LTspice IV is a fourth-generation SPICE simulation program from Linear Technology. The program consists of a high-performance SPICE simulator that greatly improves the simulation speed of circuits such as a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) while maintaining accuracy. The program also contains an integrated schematic-capture program, enabling users to create and edit circuits, plus an integrated waveform viewer to analyze simulation data. Included with LTspice IV is an extensive database of macromodels for Linear Technology's devices and many passive components. LTspice IV is node-unlimited and third party models can be imported easily.

Visit to download the program.

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