Agilent Signal Studio Software Enables WLAN DFS Testing

November 8, 2013. Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced dedicated dynamic frequency selection (DFS) radar-profile creation software to provide engineers performing DFS testing with predefined radar signals that support profiles defined by multiple regulatory agencies.

DFS is a spectrum-sharing mechanism for wireless devices operating in the unlicensed 5-GHz band with military and radar systems. By monitoring spectrum, it is able to switch the wireless device to a different frequency or channel when a military or radar device is detected on the channel currently in use. DFS is particularly critical for enabling 802.11ac WLANs to coexist with radar systems. DFS testing ensures the compliance of wireless devices operating in the 5-GHz band with DFS requirements of published standards from around the world.

Agilent’s new N7607B Signal Studio for DFS Radar Profiles software provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for WLAN DFS testing. Based on Agilent’s general-purpose vector signal generators, it can be used to generate DFS radar signals compliant with FCC-, ETSI-, and TELEC-defined profiles. Additionally, it can create a Trial List table with unique trials and features user-editable parameters within a standard defined range that can be saved and recalled for repeatability tests.

The N7607B can be teamed with the N7617B Signal Studio for WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, which is used for WLAN test signal creation, and integrated with a signal generator, signal analyzer and other general-purpose hardware to set up a total solution for WLAN performance test, including DFS functional testing. For existing Agilent signal generator or signal analyzer customers, this capability results in cost savings.

Agilent’s Signal Studio is flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, signal creation software that cuts the time spent on signal simulation. The software creates Agilent-validated and performance-optimized reference signals using an application-specific graphical interface. It can also be used to validate third-party interoperability. With a demonstrated first-to-market track record, Signal Studio software helps engineers stay at the forefront of product development as wireless systems continue to evolve.

Agilent’s new N7607B Signal Studio for DFS Radar Profiles software (N7607B-EFP) is available now for $5,000.

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