EMC Test System Available in Bundle Configuration

November 4, 2013. DARE!! Instruments has introduced a turnkey test solution based on its RadiCentre modular test system for EMC immunity testing applications.

The heart of the EMC test system is built on the RadiCentre modular mainframe model CTR1009B, which has a 7-in. color touch-screen display and an intelligent backplane with seven free slots for integration of DARE!! plug-in cards.

The EMC test systems are tailored for EMC immunity testing applications in accordance to EMC standards for CE marking as well as automotive testing, like IEC61000-4-6 and ISO11452-4 (conducted immunity), IEC61000-4-3 en ISO11452-3 (radiated immunity).

The carrier signal of the EMC test system is being generated by the RadiGen EMC signal generator. This has a frequency range of 9 kHz up to 6 GHz, making it suitable for both conducted- and radiated immunity testing. The generator can deliver continuous wave (CW) signals as well as amplitude (AM) and pulse modulated signals. With an accuracy of ±20 ppm, a frequency resolution of 1 Hz, and an adjustable output level from -70 dBm to +10 dBm it fully complies with the requirements of many EMC test standards.

Power Meter

With each immunity test system it is essentially important that power that is generated by the amplifier can be measured and controlled in a fast and accurate way, as this has a direct influence on the EMC test speed. The RadiPower power meter has been optimized for this function within a frequency range of 9 kHz up to 6 GHz and a measurement accuracy of ±0.25 dB.  The RadiPower is connected with USB to the USB1004A plug-in card for the RadiCentre, which is capable to connect and control up to four pieces of RadiPower power meters.

Field Strength Sensor

In a radiated immunity test system the generated field strength in the test environment, like a GTEM cell or anechoic chamber, must be measured and controlled in a fast and accurate manner. If the test standard defines that a test level of 10 V/m has to be applied, this level should exactly be 10 V/m and not lower (under testing) or higher (over testing). The range of RadiSense miniature LASER powered E-field strength sensors are due to its small size ultimately suitable as a reference field strength sensor in each radiated immunity test application, especially in small test environments.


The RadiMation EMC test software arranges the control of all test equipment and can be used to run full compliant EMC immunity tests in accordance to the international Directives and/or test standards. The immunity test bundle software includes the test modules to perform conducted- and radiated-immunity tests. Furthermore the bundle includes a test report generator that is capable of automatically creating EMC test reports in customer definable layout using house style letter font and company logo.

Additional Test Equipment

To create a complete EMC test system one needs an RF power amplifier and directional coupler. DARE!! Instruments offers the possibility to integrate any brand of power amplifier and to control it with RadiMation EMC test software. This enables you to select a cost effective solution for any EMC test standard, test environment, or test level. For radiated immunity test systems it is possible to create a complete test solution with a (G)TEM cell in several dimensions suitable for any EUT size.

Flexible and Extendable

The RadiCentre EMC test system, including signal generator, power meter and field strength sensor, offers maximum flexibility. In case of multiple power amplifiers the system can be extended with coaxial switch plug-in cards to automatically select in between amplifier inputs and outputs. The RadiSwitch range of switch cards cover frequencies up to 40 GHz and power handling up to 700 W. The complete systems is being controlled by RadiMation EMC test software, where the test results are being processed with the automatic report generator.


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