SPI System Software Optimized for 3-D Calculation

October 30, 2013. At the 2013 productronica, GOEPEL electronic will highlight its OptiCon SPI-Line 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) system and introduce new SPI-Pilot 1.4 integrated system software with optimized 3-D calculation and numerous additional features.

SPI-Pilot 1.4 employs an enhanced algorithm for measured-value determination—thereby enabling the OptiCon SPI-Line 3D System provides measurement data for volume, offset, and height of solder deposit more reliably.

Additionally, the new software offers an extended module for statistical process control (SPC) and further opportunities for real-time monitoring of the printing process. An easy-to-use control and well-organized display allow for the SPC module’s utilization also by a tablet PC with touch operation. Fault and work statistics are displayed as charts and tables.

The new verification and classification station software in SPUI-Pilot 1.4 enables a simple and efficient evaluation of test results. This software range can also be controlled via a tablet PC.


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