ADLINK Introduces Dual-Channel Camera Link Vision System

October 22, 2013. ADLINK Technology Inc. has announced the release of its new EOS-4000 compact Camera Link embedded-vision system, which features a third-generation Intel Core i7/i5 quad core processor, two independent Power over Camera Link (PoCL) ports, and I/O capability. Camera Link connectivity provides image transmission with no CPU loading, combining with direct memory access (DMA) to make the EOS-4000 suitable for speedy and accurate high-resolution performance supporting industrial-automation and medical-imaging environments.

The EOS-4000 streams raw image data over dedicated point-to-point link topology, with no network latency or protocol overhead, and it implements DMA solutions, rearranging data for efficiency.  Transmission of image data from cameras to the system memory is executed without utilizing any CPU resources, and the EOS-4000 supports 64-bit memory addressing and RAID technology (dual SATA interface), benefiting vision applications with large address space.

I/O capability includes one encoder input, two trigger inputs, four RS-232/422/485 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, dual storage (two SATA interfaces and one CFAST slot), an internal USB port, and 1-kbit programmable EEPROM. Easy to integrate and deploy, the EOS-4000 also provides management of copy protection and software license authentication for system development, further accelerating time-to-market.

The EOS-4000 additionally offers 64 optocoupler isolated digital I/Os and supports software configurable digital filter function, securing recognition of input signals carrying noise or chatter.

With optional Microsoft Embedded Standard 7, File-Based Write Filter (FBWF), and thread-safe I/O function, the EOS-4000 provides a stable, secure, high-performance software operating environment. The included CamCreator utility enables setup, configuration, testing, and system debugging with no software programming requirement. Combining increased computing power with multi-channel connectivity and a ready-to-deploy application platform, the EOS-4000 delivers embedded vision suited for high-speed and large image machine vision applications.

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