Agilent Debuts Infinite Playtime and Multichannel Support for AWG

September 5, 2013. Agilent Technologies today introduced streaming and multichannel synchronization functionality for its M8190A high-speed arbitrary waveform generator. For engineers working on applications like low-observable radar or high-density communications, the new functionality makes testing more realistic with long playtime and parallel signal generation for multi-emitter support.

By combining streaming functionality and the ability to synchronize up to 12 channels, the M8190A makes it easy for engineers to take simulation to the extreme. Now engineers can simulate an entire plane flight instead of just milliseconds of flight data at a time. Real-time events can influence signal scenarios, which makes testing as realistic as possible. The M8190A now can generate waveforms while downloading new waveforms into memory, which overcomes previous AWG limitations and streamlines testing significantly. This new functionality is now part of the M8190A product offering.

Before the addition of this new functionality, engineers could not change AWG signal waveforms at runtime. Agilent's unique ASIC allows the M8190A to change amplitude, frequency, and phase on the fly. That means engineers no longer need to conduct time-consuming downloads to change parameters. They can perform margin tests more efficiently by changing the parameters during runtime.

Engineers working on applications that require multichannel support—like radar testing, multi-emitter simulation, and parallel-lane testing—can benefit from the new M8192A synchronization module, a 1U AXIe unit.

“In addition to offering the best signal quality available, the M8190A's new capabilities give realistic testing a new spin,” said Jürgen Beck, general manager of Agilent's Digital Photonic Test Division. “It overcomes traditional test bottlenecks and increases test efficiency and repeatability. Our customers can now generate any signals they need for as long as they need them, and as many signals as they need in the right quality.”

Infinite playtime and the ability to change parameters on the fly are made possible by software upgrades now included with M8190A shipments. The M8192A synchronization module can be used on new or existing M8190A AWGs.

The M8190A arbitrary waveform generator is available today with an entry price of $79,000. Additional information is available at The M8192A synchronization module is $14,500. Shipments will start in October.

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