Anritsu Debuts Remote Control for Handheld Instruments

July 5, 2013. Anritsu has introduced Wireless Remote Tools for its touch-screen PIM Master, Site Master, Spectrum Master, and VNA Master handheld instruments. With the software installed, field technicians and engineers can remotely view screens and control the field instruments using a Windows-based laptop, PC, or tablet, simplifying the deployment, installation, and maintenance of 2G/3G/4G wireless networks.

The Wireless Remote Tools software is free and makes conducting field measurements of PIM and and S-parameters easier and more efficient. Operators can now remain on the ground and use a Site Master cable and antenna analyzer to conduct sweeps on jumpers at the top of the tower. Remote spectrum monitoring can also be done more effectively, especially if the interference is caused by an intermittent signal. Users can now monitor and control a Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzer at a remote location, such as a desk, using the software.

Wireless Remote Tools initially supports the Site Master S331E/S332E and S361E/S362E; the VNA Master MS2024B/MS2025B and MS2034B/MS2035B handheld vector network analyzers; the Spectrum Master MS2712E/MS2713E and MS2720T; and the PIM Master MW82119A passive intermodulation analyzer. The handheld instruments can be connected remotely from the Ethernet port on the analyzer through the Internet or via a Wi-Fi link using a pocket Wi-Fi router for local remote control.

Users can download Wireless Remote Tools by visiting the Anritsu Tool box web page.

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