Data Translation Announces Signal Processing Library

July 1, 2013. Data Translation has announced the release of its Signal Processing Library for .NET. This hardware-independent software library contains extensive DSP algorithms that can be seamlessly integrated into many measurement applications, such as sound and vibration.

The Signal Processing Library for .NET contains native .NET object-oriented classes for performing single-channel and two-channel FFT operations and for calculating signal metrics, making this comprehensive library suitable for sound and vibration application development. The open design architecture assists in rapid development of signal processing applications using measurement data from any device.

“Many signal processing applications are constructed to achieve particular goals, such as unique sound experiences, that cannot be achieved using off-the-shelf application packages. The Signal Processing Library for .NET aims to assist developers by offering DSP algorithms that can be rapidly integrated into such specifically targeted applications,” said Fred Molinari, the company’s CEO.

The Signal Processing Library for .NET (SP8075-KEY) is available royalty-free under a download license for $995. It may be distributed widely as part of any user application.

Readers can learn more about the Signal Processing Library for .NET by visiting here.

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