Foundries Choose FormFactor's Copper Pillar Probing Solutions

June 20, 2013. FormFactor Inc. announced it has shipped multiple units of Apollo MF100 probe cards to two leading semiconductor foundries. Following an extensive engineering evaluation, the foundries selected the Apollo MF100 to test advanced 28-nm system-on-chip products, utilizing copper pillar packaging technology, in volume production.

The transition to copper pillars is happening fast as semiconductor manufacturers deploy the new interconnect structure for its technology and cost advantages. By 2014, more than 50% of bumped wafers for flip-chip will be equipped with Cu pillars, and Cu pillar flip-chip is expected to grow at a CAGR of 35% between 2010 and 2018 in terms of wafer count, according to Yole Développement (“Flip-chip Market & Technology Trend—2013 Business Update”).

The ApolloTM MF100 expands FormFactor’s position in this high-growth sector. Popularly used for solder bump probing, the Apollo platform is now available with a vertical MEMS MF100 probe option creating a new high-precision/low-force technology solution for copper pillar applications. It is a highly customizable platform with application-specific probe options for targeted structures. Geared for multi-DUT (devices under test) testing in high-volume manufacturing environments, the product is optimized for robust performance and high throughput advantages that help lower overall test costs.

“Today’s move marks two important developments,” said Mike Slessor, senor vice president and general manager of the MicroProbe Product Group. “First, it applies our industry-leading MEMS technology to this high-growth segment of the market; and second, it extends the trusted and well-established ApolloTM vertical platform to our SoC customers’ leading edge products at 28nm and beyond.”

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