Strategic Test Releases Data Acquisition Software for Linux

June 20, 2013. Strategic Test has released the sixth generation of its SBench data-acquisition software for Windows and Linux users. SBench 6 supports the full line of Strategic Test’s PCI Express, PCI, PXI, and CompactPCI digitizer, waveform generator, and high-speed digital I/O cards, some 300 variants in total. The Base version of SBench 6 is supplied at no cost with each UltraFast card, and a fully functional demo version of the Professional Version with a limited run time is also included.

SBench 6 is a flexible measurement and signal-generation package that allows users to get their Strategic Test boards running quickly. This software enables users to acquire and display signals in oscilloscope mode as well as long time transient recording or streaming mode. SBench 6 can perform data-analysis functions and export data in ASCII, Wave, and MATLAB formats. A special feature of SBench 6 is the segmented view that allows display of segment-based signals together with signals of a second time base (ABA mode) as well as highly precise time stamps. SBench 6 can also run simulated demo cards to allow full software test without hardware.

For applications that require more features, the SBench 6 Professional version is available for $1590 (at the current exchange rate). Both versions are available now.

Key features of the Professional version include fast data acquisition supporting RAID disk arrays, an import and export filter, integrated analysis functions, enhanced cursor functions, a fast data-preview function, a thread-based programming structure, and the ability to acquire and handle gigabytes of data. The software supports the display of analog data, digital data, and frequency spectrum.

Strategic Test's first high-speed measurement board for PCs was designed in 1989. Today the product range consists of more than 300 oscilloscope/digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator, high-speed digital I/O, and digital pattern generator boards in the industry standard PCI Express, PCI, 3U PXI, and 6U CompactPCI formats.

Strategic Test has offices in Boston and Stockholm.

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