B&K Precision Expands Function Generator Line

June 20, 2013. B&K Precision has announced the addition of three new DDS (direct digital synthesis) sweep function generator models: 4014B, 4040B, and 4045B. All models generate stable and precise sine, square, and triangle waveforms, and they provide output voltages from 0 to 10 Vpp into 50 Ω or 20 Vpp into open circuit. The 4014B presents a new 12-MHz function generator with sweep and AM/FM modulation functions to B&K’s DDS generator line, while the 4040B and 4045B directly replace previous 20-MHz models 4040DDS and 4045. The 4045B adds a 12-bit, 50-MS/s, 1k-point arbitrary waveform capability. These new models are suitable for use in education and training, as well as other applications requiring low-cost sweep function generators with modulation or arbitrary waveform capabilities.

Designed with a dual technology architecture, the models combine traditional DDS technology with a low-jitter square-wave generator. Compared with signals generated by typical low-cost DDS function and arbitrary waveform generators, this implementation minimizes jitter and improves edge stability of square waves. Additionally, these instruments incorporate separate output amplitude and DC offset amplifiers, which allow users to set large DC offsets from -4.99 V to 4.99 V (into 50 Ω) with a small amplitude output signal as low as 10 mV.

Similar to the previously released 4007B and 4013B DDS function generators, the new models also offer key interface improvements compared with their predecessors with a large color LCD display and menu-driven front panel keypad. Convenient waveform and range selection buttons are provided to make adjustments quick and easy. The color display shows both waveform parameters and preview of the output waveform.

Other standard features include a rotary control knob, linear and logarithmic sweep function, AM/FM modulation, built-in counter, and a SCPI compatible USB (virtual COM) interface.

Backed by a standard 3-year warranty, the 4014B, 4040B, and 4045B have built-in overvoltage and short-circuit protection on all inputs and outputs to prevent accidental damage to the instrument, which is particularly suitable for educational environments.

B&K Precision's 4014B, 4040B, and 4045B DDS function generators are listed at a price of $475, $550, and $750 respectively.

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