Medical Imaging in Focus on Mouser Medical Site

June 20, 2013. Mouser Electronics Inc. has released an enhanced version of its Medical Applications site. New features focus on medical imaging solutions including MRI, portable ultrasound, and digital X-ray, helping engineers to solve a unique set of design challenges.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) requires high-speed data and image processing to create soft tissue images, making high-performing processors requisite components. Noise can compete and corrupt the MRI signal, so essential precision components must be ultralow noise devices that are temperature-stable. Portable ultrasound technology demands that engineers maintain precise image quality while addressing the portability issues such as size and power efficiency for extended battery life. The main challenge with designing for digital X-ray is decreasing the noise from the system’s electronics. All parts have to be ultralow noise or adequately filtered. Image contrast and temperature stability are other important challenges.

With the Medical Applications site expansion, engineers are supplied with resources and application notes to educate designers on the newest technology and product solutions to face the design challenges of medical imaging. Application spotlights incorporate interactive block diagrams for easy navigation to a broad selection of products, organized by product category. Featured products include Stratix III, Altera’s high-performance FPGA for data-centric applications; TI AFE5808A, a highly integrated Texas Instruments analog front end (AFE) specifically designed for portable ultrasound systems; and a new high speed/low noise rail-to-rail output amplifier from Analog Devices.

“Advances in medical imaging technology have significantly improved diagnostics capabilities,” says Mouser’s vice president of technical marketing Kevin Hess, “and we have created a feature-rich, easy-to-navigate site that educates about medical imaging and quickly points design engineers to the newest components and technologies for medical imaging.”

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