Global Specialties Releases Digital AC/DC Supply

June 13, 2013 – Global Specialties has introduced the Model 1315D rugged, general-purpose AC/DC power supply with variable outputs of 0 to 25 V at 5 A with digital LED displays for motoring both voltage and current outputs.

This power supply is a $590, space-saving instrument for applications requiring both AC and DC voltages. The 1315D is specifically designed for educational usage and prototyping, covering a range of circuit-testing applications. This simple AC/DC power source can be used to demonstrate the concept of alternating and nonalternating voltages. It can also be used for simple experiments using lamps, resistors, and so on.

The new Model 1315D features include a variable output from 0 to 25V at 5A, AC or DC selection switch, separate circuit breakers for AC and DC, an output voltage 3-digit LED display (green), an output current 3-digit LED display (green), and a 115-V, 60-Hz or 230-V, 50-Hz, single-phase input. The supply comes with a 3-year warranty.

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