GOEPEL Introduces Video Dragon for Infotainment Components

June 13, 2013. GOEPEL electronic has introduced Video Dragon (basicCON 4121) for the test of high-speed LVDS connections and HDMI interfaces found in infotainment components. Due to its modular architecture, the Video Dragon can be optionally configured as a frame grabber and frame generator. A range of serializer/deserializer modules are available (for example, for APIX 1 and 2, FPD-Link I/II/III, and HDMI). The exchangeable plug-in modules are fitted in a port on the device front, accessible without device dismounting.

Utilized as a frame grabber, Video Dragon is able to record and analyze single images and video sequences in raw-data format or as compressed files. The frame rate includes up to 60 images per second at a maximum color depth of 24 bits. Utilizing a serializer in the module port, Video Dragon turns into a frame generator that may generate and transmit single images, image sequences, and video streams to a target device to be tested. Image data can be stored on the device or external memory media via an eSATA interface. For image data visualization, Video Dragon provides a separate HDMI interface to connect an external monitor. basicCON 4121 can be integrated into complex test environments for infotainment components via the host interfaces Ethernet, GigE, USB 2.0, or USB 3.0 that are available in parallel.

Because most terminal equipment in the automotive sector has separate communication interfaces for device function control, Video Dragon provides respective CAN and LIN ports to turn on and off an ECU to be tested or adjust display brightness. Furthermore, the module has a digital I/O interface to trigger and synchronize image data transmission with external devices.

The Video Dragon Viewer, free stand-alone software for the record and output of images, image sequences, and videos, enables a quick introduction to the image data transmission world.  It’s supplied with the instrument just like the also free function library that may help to integrate Video Dragon into user-specific applications—for example under C, C++, C#, and NI LabVIEW.

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