OriginLab Releases 64-bit Version of Orglab DLL

April 18, 2013. OriginLab, a publisher of data analysis and graphing software, has announced the release of a 64-bit version of its Orglab DLL for creating Origin Project (OPJ) files. With the 64-bit DLL, instrument manufacturers and other third-party hardware and software vendors can easily export large volumes of data as OPJ files. Origin and OriginPro provide data analysis and graphing capabilities tailored to the needs of scientists and engineers, as well as the flexibility and robust functionality to manage complex data analysis and graphing tasks.

With the new Orglab DLL, vendors and instrument manufacturers can save larger volumes of data and associated metadata using Origin's flexible and hierarchical project structure. Metadata can be saved into Origin workbooks, worksheets, and columns and later used for graph annotation and analysis. The 64-bit Orglab DLL is distributed with a collection of examples that allow vendors to quickly add the ability to export their data as OPJ files.

“The new 64-bit version of our Orglab DLL provides developers the tools needed to allow their customers to save large volumes of data and metadata into Origin OPJ files,” said Dr. C.P. Yang, OriginLab’s founder and CEO. “Having their data available as Origin OPJ files will enable end users to simply open the files in Origin and quickly process their data using the software’s flexible graphing, data exploration and analysis tools.”


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