Compact Test Chambers now include Touch Screen Controller

April 15, 2013. Cincinnati Sub-Zero announced that its MicroClimate product line, which includes a 1.2 cu. ft. bench-top model and a 3 cu. ft. compact test chamber, is now equipped with the new EZT-430i Touch screen Controller. The line supports environmental test and storage of circuit boards, small assemblies, components, and other electronics in specific temperature and humidity conditions. Features include

  • selectable navigation between icon-based menus like a smartphone or windows-based navigation;
  • remote control and monitoring via Ethernet from a computer or through apps available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices;
  • datalogging with customized file names, batch and lot numbers, and operator events;
  • integrated email to send data files directly from the controller with the touch of a button;
  • direct access data files from the controller or a PC;
  • alarm notification via email and/or phone and text messages in the event of a test chamber alarm;
  • automated Ethernet backup of data files;
  • full system security with audit trails and digital signatures; and
  • configuration in 28 different languages (one setting updates icons, menus and help screen).

In addition, a new single-stage model has been added to the product line. The product line originally only included a bench-top model with a temperature range from -73°C to +190°C. Due to the multiple requests of customers that seldom need to test their product down to the cold temperature ranges, CSZ designed a model with a more mild temperature range from -30°C to +190°C. All models are available with or without humidity control.

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