Intusoft Debuts Simulation Software Release 8.x.11 Build 4142

April 5, 2013. Intusoft announced today the release of its ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 4142 Spice simulation tool suite for analog, mixed-signal, mixed-systems, and digital signal processing (DSP) design. Enhancements have been added to the 11th-generation software from its former Build 3839, running on Windows and 64-bit operating systems. The “x” in 8.x.11 includes Intusoft’s scalable solutions, from ICAP4/Rx through ICAP/4 Professional and Test Designer products.

The scalable ICAP/4 product line, and Test Designer (which adds automated fault isolation), have been updated for compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8. They are also compatible with legacy operating systems back to Windows XP. Intusoft’s second generation DSP Designer software, hardware, and firmware option, plus the Magnetics Designer Transformer/Inductor design and Spice model synthesizer option were also upgraded to Windows 8.

Automated programs enhance certain waveform plots’ engineering and mathematical capability, tailor bandwidth function, provide special curve-family measurements, and enhance measurements from phase plots. ICAP/4’s Auto Save capability—critical if computer power is lost or a design is accidentally deleted—has been given more power and user flexibility. New viewing and parametric information has been added to ICAP/4’s design-entry system. Usability options and enhancement are incorporated into Monte Carlo statistical simulation and fault simulation. Trace viewing has been enhanced in the “IntuScope” waveform viewing and signal processing tool. Two user’s tutorials were updated. These are created to successfully bring a new user to basic or advanced utility with the software, each within an hour. A features update for 4142 can be accessed here.

Intusoft’s president, Larry Meares, commented: “The historically tough economy has provided us opportunity to case-harden our product lines with new reliability, testing protocol and features from our customer marketing channel. I anticipate firm continuance of this business model.”

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