SPEA and ISE Labs Announce Partnership for MEMS Testing

April 3, 2013. SPEA, a maker of automated test equipment for semiconductors and printed-circuit boards, and ISE Labs, a Silicon Valley IC test facility, have announced that ISE has selected the SPEA MEMS Test Cell as its turnkey solution for MEMS testing.

ISE Labs has implemented its first SPEA Engineering MEMS Test Cell and is now offering MEMS testing services utilizing SPEA’s technology to customers developing devices including 3-axis accelerometers, gyros, pressure sensors, magnetometers, and 9-DoF devices.

Rabbi Islam, vice president of engineering at ISE Labs, said, “The SPEA MEMS Test Cell is being adopted by ISE because it has demonstrated clear ability to reduce test time as well as the overall cost of test for a wide variety of MEMS devices.”

David Buhrkuhl, SPEA America president, added, “Our partnership combines some of the most advanced knowledge in MEMS testing and manufacturing, and enables both SPEA and ISE Labs to deliver superior test solutions that significantly reduce the overall cost of MEMS devices. We recognize that this is a great opportunity for both companies.”

For more information on SPEA MEMS Test Cell, click here.

For more information on ISE Labs, visit www.iselabs.com.

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